Cherry Picker (MEWP) Hire

Cherry Picker (MEWP) Hire, Derbyshire

In 2012 L.M.S purchased a Basket RQG-18 to assist with our Tree Surgery operations. News travelled fast and we now use the MEWP in all aspects of property maintenance including:

  • Cleaning gutters.
  • Roof and Chimney repairs.
  • Chimney Lining/Chimney Pot Installations.
  • Light Bulb changing.
  • Church Work.
  • Pointing etc.

The Basket RQG-18 is on tracks and can access the most difficult areas; it has a knee joint on the legs, which makes it very adaptable when setting up.

It has a massive 11 metres of out reach at approximately 9 metres high and will reach 18 metres when fully extended.

We can help you save money on scaffolding, our machine comes with a fully trained operator who will undertake Risk Assessment, set up and operate the machine from the ground leaving you free to undertake you’re the job in hand. No licence is required as you are simply the passenger. We supply harness; lanyards etc. undertake a toolbox talk and then you're up up and away!

L.M.S always ensure the machine, lanyards and harness have a current LOLER certificate and that is in tip-top operating conditions. We even have 2 way radios for communication to assist in awkward tight spots or working in a noisy environment.

The machine has electricity, compressed air and a water supply in the basket for your convenience.

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