Tree Removal & Dismantling

Tree Removal & Dismantling

Wherever possible, we try and talk our customers into keeping their trees, compromising with a reduction or thinning. Trees are valuable to everyone, and take a very long time to grow to maturity. It takes potentially hundreds of years for a tree to mature, but a matter of hours to remove. Think carefully and consult with your neighbours before commissioning any of our comprehensive tree removal services.

Should a tree be classed as dangerous, diseased or simply too large for its environment, then we will happily remove it in the interests of health and safety.


Before undertaking any tree work, we always check for conservation areas, TPO (Tree Preservation Orders) and SSSI (sites of special scientific interest). Should we discover the work in question is to be carried out on one of these sites, we can organise everything from form filling, to consulting with the Tree Officer and the required authorities. In addition, we also consider nesting birds and bats found in the area, as these are protected by law.

Horse Chestnut with Phytophthora at Mcdonalds’ Ripley for Amber Valley Council

Site Clearance On A Dangerous Cliff Edge

Working In A Tree

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